Diarrhea again…

This morning, Dad has diarrhea again. We look through the handbook given by National Cancer Centre (NCC) and explain to Dad that we need to monitor his condition. Dad needs to avoid eating fried, oily & spicy food as well as high fibre food until his condition is better. So we give him low fibre food and 1/4 cup 100 plus to replenish lost fluids.

Today’s menu

Lunch – 1/2 mashed potato & broccoli

Snack – mee sua soup with pickled lettuce 

Fruit – few slices of red apple without skin

Dinner – lao su fen soup with beansprout, button mushroom, fish cake & green leafy vegetable

Supper – 1 slice whitemeal bread with fried egg & button mushroom

We also try to give him fruits to eat before lunch & dinner. We don’t restrict on the foods that he wants to eat. If he has 1 of the side effects of chemo, we tell him that he needs to avoid certain foods. He’ll listen to us as he does not want to be admit to ‘5 stars hotel aka hospital’. In fact, he knows that he can’t eat raw food and he is a good patient who eats his medicine in the morning & night daily.


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