‘Charlie’ cells

In this post, I use the term ‘Charlie’ cells for cancer. Last month, ‘Charlie’ cells invaded into Dad’s body organ and we noticed changes in Dad. In the past, he liked to eat wheat crackers. Recently, he said he prefers to eat cream crackers. Sometimes, his behaviour is like a young child who is choosy on the food to eat. Sometimes, he gets hungry within an hour after eating his meal and we run out of ideas what food to prepare for him to eat. Mum panic whenever Dad say he’s hungry as the food takes time to cook and Dad needs to eat his meal immediately. I ask Mum why she panic? Her reply is people who are on medication tend to shiver whenever he/she is hungry.

‘Charlie’ cells change a patient’s lifestyle. Family members & ‘Charlie’ patient needs time to adapt to the new lifestyle. In addition, we need to be courageous to handle unforeseen problems as well as to have patience and tolerance to tackle his temper & childlike behaviour.

This afternoon, I did spring cleaning and found a postcard – the essential ‘C’ s… for a loving relationship which represents Care, Concern, Commitment, Communication, Compromise & perhaps chocolates too! We can do it… Jia you 🙂


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