Ah Boys to Men 2

Dad said he wants to watch the movie ‘Ah Boys to Men 2’ after seeing the movie trailer shown on tv.

On 17 Feb, Mum, K1 and K2 brought Dad to watch ‘Ah Boys to Men 2’. Before the movie starts, we had breakfast (Hotcakes set meal) at McDonald’s. During the screening of ‘Ah Boys to Men 2’, laughter was heard among the audience and we were able to understand the difficulties, joys and teamwork that men encountered during NS.

Glad that Dad enjoys watching ‘Ah Boys to Men 2’. After the movie, Dad & K2 went home to rest. Papa, mum & I went to a distant relative’s house in Yishun to 拜年. Then, we head to Giant for grocery shopping and wait for mama to knock off from work.

This Sun, K1 & K2 are going to Mr & Mrs Teow’s house to light firecrackers and fireworks. Hooray, we are excited 🙂

Next week, Dad is going for CT scan. We pray that CT scan shows positive results so that K1 could look for a job & start work in March (fingers crossed).


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