Good news? Bad news?

After 3 cycles of chemo, Dad went for CT scan on 25 Feb. Today, we (Dad & Mum, Mr & Mrs Teow, K1, K2) went to see Dr Tang. She told us the CT scan results which show lots of fluids in Dad’s stomach. ‘Charlie’ cells did not respond well to chemo and cause the fluids to multiply in Dad’s stomach. She suggested to stop chemo because chemo does not help to improve Dad’s condition. In addition, she said it’s not advisable to do operation. Instead, she suggested to insert a tube to drain the fluids out from Dad’s stomach so that Dad don’t feel bloated in his stomach and could have better appetite to eat his meals.

In Dec 2012, Dad’s weight was 55kg. On 28 Feb, Dad’s weight is 50.8kg.

After being a temp caregiver for 2 months, I started to feel bored staying at home and missed my work-life balance. So, I went online to browse the jobs search websites and sent my resume. Yesterday, I received a call and went down for interview. I thought the person-in-charge will contact me to let me know if I’m hired. To my surprise, he asked when can I start work? Tomorrow is my 1st day of work, hope I get along well with my new colleagues and we’re able to work together as a team. Jia you 🙂



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