Doctors and Nurse

Last week, I went to library to borrow the following books by Dr Ang and Parkway Cancer Centre (PCC):

1)Awakening the appetite (simple recipes for cancer patients)

2)Doctor, I Have Cancer. Can You Help Me?

3)Stories of Hope from the Cancer Clinic

Books 2 and 3 are stories of cancer patients who had consulted Dr Ang and other doctors at PCC. Some of them recover from cancer while some of them lost the battle to cancer. After reading books 2 and 3, Mum & I felt hopeful on Dad’s cancer.

On 12th March, we (my family & Aunt LH) went to see Dr Ang for 2nd opinion on Dad’s cancer. There are many patients waiting to see Dr Ang. We waited for about 3 hours to see Dr Ang. After telling Dr Ang about Dad’s condition, we asked him if there’s any other treatments for Dad.

Dr Ang: Mr Kwek still needs to go for chemo. If Dad is his patient, he would not recommend to insert coop loop to drain fluids that contain proteins. Lost of nutrients make a patient lose weight.

We: How high is the success rate that Dad recover?

Dr Ang: It’s very hard to say. Mr Kwek’s cancer is of unknown origin, if we use the right chemo medicine, his rate is 60% to recover. If Mr Kwek wants to do chemo, pls proceed outside to take blood test (costs about S$500) and tomorrow he starts his chemo treatment.

We: How much is the cost of chemo treatment? If Dad don’t want to do chemo, is there any other options?

Dr Ang: Very expensive (about S$7000 for 1 cycle). If Mr Kwek don’t do chemo, WAIT TO DIE…


Dr Ang is not warmly. Instead, he is blunt as he does not care about a patient’s feeling. After seeing Dr Ang in person, he’s like a different person. The stories of his cancer patients gave us hope but his words shatter our hopes. It’s disappointing that he’s a doctor who cares only about money and NOT a patient’s feeling.

Today, Dr Boon & nurse Sellam come to our house to check on Dad’s condition. Both of them are affectionate and have smiles on their faces which brighten up Dad’s day. They asked if Dad knows about his illness and how’s Dad feeling. Most importantly, Dad must be OPTIMISTIC…

Nurse Sellam teaches K1 to change the urine bag of coop loop and advises to change it every week.

KK: Nurse, last Friday you told Dad that it’s alright to go out with the coop loop. This week (Monday till Wednesday), Dad went to market with either Mum or me.

Nurse Sellam: That’s good. Mr Kwek overcomes his fear of strangers seeing him with coop loop.

Dad told Dr Boon about yesterday’s issue with Dr Ang. Dr Boon told Dad to forget the unhappy issue.

KK: Dr Boon, Dad wants to go Sibu to visit his relatives but feels inconvenient to go there with coop loop.

Dr Boon: Mr Kwek, your daughter says you want to go Sibu to visit relatives but feel inconvenient to go there with coop loop.

Dad: Yes, my relatives are there. I miss the festive mood of firecrackers and fireworks.

Dr Boon: We shall discuss with Dr Tang during the next consultation as now you can still walk. She would advise if it’s possible to bring Mr Kwek overseas.

Option 1: Mr Kwek could travel overseas for few days with the coop loop.

Option 2: Mr Kwek could remove the coop loop then travel overseas. But if his condition deters, he needs to insert coop loop again.

Dr Boon: Is Mr Kwek taking any TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)?

KK: No but we’re planning to bring Dad to see doctor of TCM so that Dad could have more energy and strength.

Dr Boon: Please inform Dr Tang on the TCM that Mr Kwek is going to take.

Dr Tan (Surgeon), Dr Tang (Oncologist), Dr Boon and nurse Sellam are professional doctors and nurse who care about a patient’s well-being and encourage a patient to be optimistic.


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