Driving Instructors

K1 and K2 passed the Basic and Final Theory tests for driving in Aug 2012 and Nov 2012 respectively. When Dad was hospitalised in Dec 2012, Dad told Uncle P that 1 of his wishes is both K1 and K2 could pass the Practical driving test. Both K1 and K2 started the Practical driving lessons under the guidance of a private instructor, Uncle J. Every lesson, both of us have to be mentally prepared to be scolded by Uncle J for our mistakes in driving the Manual car.

Uncle P’s advice to K1 is to learn Practical driving (Manual) from school as the lessons are conducted module by module and school learners have more opportunity to practise driving in the circuit before proceed to learn to drive on the roads. After few lessons learning to drive under Uncle J, K1 went to CDC @ Ubi to change account from private learner to school learner. K1 wanted to change to learn Practical driving (Auto) but the staff (Mr Chang) at counter persuaded K1 to try few lessons of Practical driving (Manual) with school instructors. If after few lessons, K1 still encounters the problem of engine stall and restart engine, then K1 could consider to change to Practical driving (Auto). Mr Chang also suggests to have a 1 team instructor for few lessons before the Practical driving test.

This week, K1 had 2 lessons taught by different instructors (1 of them works full-time while the other instructor is on flexible working hours scheme). K1 encounters the problem of engine stall and restart engine, the school instructors encourage K1 not to give up and that practice makes perfect. K1 is looking forward to next week lessons šŸ™‚

K2 is considering to either learn driving from another private instructor or school instructor. The lesson fees of private instructor are half the price of the lesson fees of school instructor. Private learners pay cheaper lesson fees but they need to pay the hourly fee to enter circuit at school.

Jia you to Practical driving (Manual)…


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