Birthday celebrations

It’s been a month since my previous post. What have I been busy with???

~driving lessons

~do household chores such as vacuum the floor, do the laundry and hang the clothes with either Dad or Mum

~birthday celebrations

~K1 and K2 had flu

31st March, my family & Papa’s family went to eat dinner @ Gurney Drive, Terminal 3. That’s the last day for me to earn Changi Rewards points so as to redeem $30 Changi vouchers. The chair for elderly to sit is hard, we must remember to bring cushions for Dad so that he will feel comfortable to sit on the chair.

2nd April, Aunt LH & K1 went with Dad for his appt with Dr Tang @ NCC. Dr Tang was glad to see Dad’s cheerful face. Uncle W & Aunt LH came to our house for dinner. Dad – the chef and Aunt LH – the assistant chef. K1 was unwell and went to sleep after drinking Chinese flu medicine. After dinner, we celebrated K2’s birthday in advance – cookies & cream cake from Prima Deli.

4th April, Papa & Mama bought 2 mini choco cakes for K2 and kueh lapis for us. Sarah’s parents drop-by to wish K2 ‘Happy Birthday’ and give bday hong bao to K2. Papa, Uncle KS & relatives from Dad’s side of the family also gave K2 bday hong baos. Thank you very much 🙂

8th April, Papa, Mum, Mama & I went to Giant Tampines to buy grocery and bbq items for Papa’s bday makan makan.

12th April, K1 was delighted to eat breakfast & lunch with Dad & Mum, Papa & Mama. We ate kaya toast set while mum ate liang tofu soup. After breakfast, we went to do last minute grocery shopping and bought food for bbq @ Giant, Tampines Mart. Next, we proceed to Blk 138 Round Market for lunch. Dad, Papa & Mama ate kway chap while Mum & K1 ate mushroom noodle. In the afternoon, K1 went with Papa & Mama to check-in @ chalet NTF, Aloha Changi. K1 hungry, Mama cooked Mee Pok goreng for K1 to eat. In the evening, Papa, Mum & Aunt J arrived @ chalet. We went to Changi Village hawker centre for desserts, chwee kueh and fried hokkien noodles.

13th April ~ Papa is 60 years old. Chefs of the day ~ Mum, Mama, Uncle S, Uncle D & Aunt J.

Menu of the day ~ Tom yam glass noodles, pineapple rice, fried noodles, cold tofu, fruits salad, stir-fry vegetables, fishballs, popcorn chicken, chicken nuggets, stir-fry fish etc.

Soups of the day ~ ABC soup, Ginseng chicken soup, Lotus soup (complimentary yam rice).

Dessert of the day ~ Red bean soup.

Drinks of the day ~ Chrysanthemum Tea with Luo Han Guo, Snow Pear Tea, 100 plus, water, Tiger beer etc.

@ 3.33pm, we took family photos, sang birthday song, cut the Longevity Cake from Cake Avenue and ate Crystal Jade Longevity Buns.

Papa's 60th Bday

Mahjong session began ~ Dad was very alert and played mahjong for awhile before he went to take a nap.

In the evening, Alvin started the fire for bbq. Food to bbq ~ sweet potatoes, potatoes, corns, chicken wings, salmon, stingray, sotong, prawns etc.

14th April, Mum cooked red dragon fruit rice, curry fish, potato wedges, guo tie. After lunch, we started to pack up our items so that Papa & Mama could proceed to reception office to check-out for chalet NTF. ~ Home Sweet Home ~


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