New coop lope

20th Apr, K2 changed the dressing of coop lope for Dad. The stitch of coop lope dislodged. K2 email to check with Dr Tang and Dr Tang’s reply ~ Dad to go to walk-in clinic at NCC to get the coop lope re-stitch.

22nd Apr, Aunt Helen & K1 went with Dad to walk-in clinic at NCC. Uncle Lark gave us a ride there. After waiting for about 2 hours, Dr Oh re-stitch the coop lope for Dad and nurse helps to put the dressing of coop lope. We took taxi and had lunch at a coffeeshop near our house, then we walked home. In the evening, Dad received a call from Nurse Wong of Clinic D, NCC. She called to inform Dr Tang’s advice ~ Dad to insert a new coop lope on 24th Apr. The current coop lope is too far out.

24th Apr, K1 went with Dad for blood test at NCC. Mr & Mrs Teow met us at SGH. We waited for about 3 hours for the blood test results. The doctors need to ensure that Dad is in a stable condition before doing the coop lope procedure for Dad. While Dad was in the operating theatre, we went to Chinatown and had liang tofu with mee pok for lunch (dessert ice kachang). After lunch, we went to Daiso, Chinatown Point. We bought water chestnut drink and curry bun for Dad to eat. We were thankful that Dr Tang requested the coop lope procedure to be done outpatient as Dad prefers not to stay in hospital if possible.

25th Apr, Dad felt pain as the dressing for new coop lope was very tight. Nurse Sellam came with another nurse who’s working at a polyclinic and currently on industrial attachment. Nurse Sellam said Dad could eat panadol to relieve the pain of the new coop lope.

28th Apr, we went to watch Marvels Iron Man 3 at GV, Tampines Mall (TM). We plan to eat early dinner then go watch movie. Papa gave us a ride to TM. Dad felt cold and wore his jacket. At Kopitiam, Dad felt nausea (Mum bought sour plum for Dad to eat) and drank a cup of hot milo. Perhaps Dad is hungry before we leave house, but he did not tell us. After a while, Dad felt better and we bought mashed potatoes for him. Before we go watch movie, Dad requested to buy mashed potatoes & fries so that he could eat while watching movie. The aircon at cinema is too cold for Dad, thus Mum & Dad go home before the movie ends. Mum said Dad felt better after taking a nap at home.



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