Cancer ~ A time bomb

Some people are fortunate to  be diagnosed with cancer at an early stage. They either undergo surgery or chemo and are declared cancer-free.

Some people are unfortunate to be diagnosed with cancer at an advanced stage. The chemo treatment is not suitable for some of them and they must face the fact that they will probably leave their loved ones.

Some people are unfortunate to be diagnosed with cancer twice or cancer cells have spread to other parts of the body. Cancer is a time bomb which could shorten a cancer patient’s life very quickly.

During the first 3 months of being a caregiver, I complained to Mum my frustrations looking after Dad. Mum’s advice ~ In March this year, doctor estimated that Dad has about 6 months to live. We have no idea how long Dad is going to live. Don’t have any regrets after Dad is gone. There are 3 options ~ 1st option is to continue being a caregiver on wkdays and work part-time on wkends. 2nd option is Mum take unpaid leave and I go find a full-time job (the salary must be enough to pay for house, household & living expenses etc). 3rd option is to use part of my salary from full-time job to pay for a maid to look after Dad. At the moment, I choose the 1st option as I have booked my driving lessons on wkdays. I hope to pass the practical driving test and get my driving licence so that I could be Dad’s chauffeur.

Time is precious. No matter how busy a person is, he/she must find time to spend quality time with loved ones. After a person is gone, happy memories shall be in one’s mind.


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