Bad news on Dad’s illness

Few hours ago, Dr Tan and nurse Sellam from HCA Hospice came to check on Dad’s illness. Recently, Dad did not look energetic and he gets tired very easily. He loses weight again, now his weight is 38kg. This week, he either feels nausea or vomit after eating his meals. Upon seeing bony Dad, Dr Tan suggests Dad to sleep on hospital bed and air mattress which nurse Sellam could help to order. Dr Tan estimates that Dad has about few weeks to live. Dr Tan suggests to get someone to chat with Dad to find out if there’s anything that Dad wants to do or what’s Dad worry about? Now his life is shorten from 6 months to few weeks. We need time to accept the fact, to be strong and to handle the matter with faith and courage.

Me: Dad is looking forward to his birthday chalet in June. Hope he’s still around to celebrate his birthday.

Nurse Sellam: Let’s pray…


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