A week of tears

12th May is Mother’s Day. On that day, Dad told us his wishes for Mum, K1 and K2. He’s of sound mind and his wish is to remove coop lope and stay in hospice. At night, Papa and Mama drop-by our house to cut Mother’s Day cake. After that, Mum and K1 went to chalet @ Aranda Country Club for awhile to cut another Mother’s Day cake with Papa, Mama, Xinmin ge ge & family. N1 and N2 are wearing the dinosaur pyjamas.

Mother's Day

14th May, Mum woke K1 @ 5am and both of us listened to Dad’s wishes such as K2 to give thank you speech when Dad’s not around. After breakfast, we meet Aunt LH @ Clinic D, NCC. Dr Tang was on leave so Dr Choo helped to arrange Dad’s admission into SGH. Dad was dehydrated and was given iv drip to replenish the fluids in his body. In addition, Dad wants to remove the coop lope as there’s leakage from coop lope. While Dad is waiting for the ward @ NCC, we go Kopitam to eat lunch. After lunch, we buy mashed potatoes and hot chocolate drink for Dad. K2 stay to accompany Dad @ NCC while Mum, Aunt LH & K1 go to Chinatown Point & China Square Central. We buy seaweed paste, water chestnut drink, egg mayo and tuna sandwiches/wraps, assorted fruits and brown rice porridge. At about 6+pm, the ward is ready so Mum and nurse accompany Dad to the ward from NCC to SGH by ambulance. Mr & Mrs Teow, K1 & K2 meet Dad & Mum at the ward after register Dad’s admission. We leave SGH at about 8pm and head to Tiong Bahru hawker centre for our dinner cum supper.

15th – 16th May, relatives took turns to visit Dad at SGH. Thank you very much for their care and concern 🙂

17th May, K1 & K2 go to SGH to bring Dad home. In the evening, Aunt H drop-by our house and we eat bee hoon, mee goreng and yi mian. There are jelly with soursop dessert, pandan cake and tiramisu.

Why is Dad suddenly telling us his wishes? At first, we are upset and do not support Dad’s decision to stay in hospice. After much consideration, we decide to go along with Dad’s wish to stay in hospice. Dad does not want to trouble us to look after him as we might not be able to cope to care for him when he feels frail.


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