A week after losing Dad to cancer

28th June is Dad’s birthday. If Dad did not lose his battle with cancer, we would have celebrated his birthday at chalet, Aloha Loyang. Unfortunately, we lost Dad on 21st June. Dad’s our chauffeur who will fetch us to school / workplace, and / or back home from Tampines station. He’s also our handy man who will fix / repair new / spoilt equipments at home. In addition, Dad’s a family man who will accompany mum to market on weekends to eat breakfast and buy breakfast for his children who are sleeping soundly at home.

We did not cancel the chalet at Aloha Loyang. Instead, we had a makan gathering with relatives on that day. We ordered dinner buffet from Salad Le Express. The buffet consisted of a fusion of Japanese and Western cuisine.

Dinner Buffet

We need time to accept the loss of our beloved Dad but we also need to eat our meals regularly so that we could look after each other. Dad does not want us to be sad. Instead, he wants us to be happy and to get on with our daily lifestyle.

3rd Jul, Nihon Mura was having 1 colour plate for $1 promo so Papa & Mama treated us lunch. We ordered Chawanmushi, Inari sushi, Tamago sushi, Chuka Kurage Gunkan, Chuka Idako, Cha Soba, Age Tofu, Edamame, Smoked Duck Salad, hot green tea etc.

It’s dinner time, we (Papa, Mama, Mum, K1, K2, Tissa ge ge & family) went to JPOT at Tampines 1. Soup base ~ appetising Tom Yam soup, vegetables ~ yummy Tang O and sweet pearl corn, delicious fried beancurd skin and homemade spinach skin beancurd, assorted seafood etc.



Dad went to faraway place

15th June, we went to Swensen’s to eat lunch as an early celebration for Father’s Day. We chose Swensen’s so that Dad could eat mashed potato but Dad was full after eating sweet potato with ginger soup.

16th June, I bought a cake for Dad on Father’s Day but Dad did not eat the cake as he don’t have appetite to eat.

For the past few days, Dad had diarrhea. 17th June, Dad had diarrhea for 10 times and ‘Mike’ help to change adult diapers for Dad. Mum & K1 accompanied Dad to SGH A&E in private ambulance so that Dad could get the drip to be well-hydrated. Doctor said Dad needs to be admitted to hospital, Dad was at A&E observation ward while waiting for a bed. 18th June, Dad was unhappy that we visited him in late afternoon and asked us to visit him in the morning the next day. Dad don’t like the hospital food which consists of blended vegetables and meat to eat with plain porridge. 19th June, Mum asked ‘Mike’ to cook porridge with finely cut carrot and spinach for Dad to eat during lunch. In the afternoon, K1 and Aunt LH went to Chinatown to eat Hakka yong tau foo, bought water chestnut drink and mashed potato for Dad’s dinner.

20th June, the PSI for haze is high so McDonald stop McDelivery until the air quality is better for their riders. I went to McDonald at Tampines bus interchange but Ugly Duckling Hello Kitty sold out. Luckily the McDonald at Tampines Mall still have stocks, there’s a long queue so I bought 2 kitty & gave 1 kitty to N1. After that, ‘Mike’ and I went to SGH to bring Dad home. Uncle W & Aunt LH meet us at the ward. We went home with Dad in private ambulance.

21st June, Dad lost his battle with cancer. Mum went to work while I went for driving lesson. K2 was asleep, Dad held ‘Mike’ hand tightly (said ‘Mike’ name) and Dad passed on. I started to cry after reading K2 sms and went home in a taxi. Uncles and aunts help us with the funeral arrangements.