A letter to Dad

Dear Dad,

On Mum’s birthday, Mama, Mum, K1 and K2 went to SEA Aquarium. There are different types of sea creatures such as crab, dolphin, jellyfish, lobster, octopus, puffer fish, seahorse, shark, stingray etc. We ate lunch at Pu Tien, RWS. Appetisers ~ black fungus, peanuts with crispy seaweed, Lunch set meal ~ Mee Sua, 3 side dishes & lemongrass jelly with fruits, dishes include beancurd with vege & mushroom, fried Batang fish, sweet & sour pork and yummy yam.

SEA Aquarium


8th Aug after visit to Chinese temple, we had vegetarian lunch at Waterdrop Teahouse. Most of the relatives ate the daily special laksa. Side dishes ~ egg tofu, french fries, onion rings, vege.

Vegetarian lunch

9th Aug is National Day. Papa gave his ticket to K1 so K1 went with Mama to watch NDP. This year NDP has song with lyrics when the soldiers start to march-in for the parade. We are looking forward to the awesome fireworks display. 11th Aug, we went to Expo for National Day dinner. Dim Sum Dolly’s performance is humorous.

National Day

31st Aug, we went to River Safari. We ate breakfast @ Ah Meng Kopi & lunch @ Mama Panda Kitchen. Kai Kai was zzz while Jia Jia was doing her few mins panda walk.

River Safari

7th Sep, we had 1-for-1 lunch buffet at Triple Three, Mandarin Orchard Hotel. Relatives said the lunch buffet was value for money as there were many varieties of yummy cuisine. I did not take photos of the food except for desserts. The Yuzu ice cream had the taste of grapefruit, other ice cream flavours include green tea & strawberry.




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