June – The month of memories…

Dad, it’s the end of the month in June and July is coming. You’ve left us for 2 years but we still miss you. The mth of June is filled with happy and sad memories – Father’s Day, u left us the next day after u were discharged from SGH, if u’re still around (today is your bday).

Colleague asked ‘your dad so gd meh?’ Yes, Dad dote on me, he’s our handy man who took care of family, gave me his full support in whatever I do so long as I’m happy with what I’m doing, fetch me home after work especially when I’m unwell from office, return transfer for mum from home – office, he seldom travel with us & his excuse is no one help to water his plants, he is brave and has the courage to tell us his wishes although he don’t know when he’s going to leave us, and lots more…

Recently, colleagues’ father and grandma were unwell and hospitalised. Their feelings, tiredness, emotional support from relatives to carry on with daily lives were what we experienced 2 years ago. It’s a phase that everyone need to go through and to be stronger as well as to treasure the time spent with loved ones.

Dad, perhaps I miss u so much… I’m thankful and happy to get to know Kor who has the same English name as you. Both of u born in same Zodiac year but different ages. You like gardening while he likes terrarium as a hobby. Sometimes, I see him as though I see you except both have different face, hairstyle, height. Friend ask is Kor old? He’s not old, it’s just coincidence that both of u have few similarities.

Tml is your 忌日 so we’re going to Punggol Temple. Good night…


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