Dad’s name


K1 went window shopping while waiting for mum and saw your name in the brand for kitchen utensils @ BHG. Google the brand online and found out the brand came from UK. Maybe K1 can consider to buy 1 of the kitchen utensils and Dad is always with us whenever we cook using it.

Last wkend, we went to watch N1 & N2 concert, and we enjoyed their performance. After that, we had lunch @ Han’s cafe that served huge portions of food (maybe cuz not many people go to that outlet). In the night, we went to B1 is 1 bday party that has vege buffet, prawns, satay, cupcakes, fruit tarts etc.

Your grand nephews (N2, B1) and grand nieces (N1, S1) have grown taller and smarter. They are imaginative and like to role play. Recently, papa mama bought stuff for S1 but S1 said K1 gu gu bought for her and it happened twice. So K1 bought Elsa bag for S1, she’s happy to receive it and carry it to sch. K1 gu gu will try to dote on them equally if possible… This wkend, mama, K1, N1 & N2 are going to kitty carnival (not sure if they will enjoy but cuz K1 want to go and feel bringing them along will be fun…) After carnival, K1 watch concert with mum, ah yi, yi zhang, Uncle D etc.

Good night…