A Father’s love


Today, mama & I went to watch Cirque Du Soleil – Totem which is an acrobatic performance. There are applause and laughter from audience throughout performance. K2, K1 and friends are planning to watch another performance by Cirque Du Soleil (Toruk – The First Flight) if time permits.

During intermission of performance, I spot an adorable girl and her father (think so). She has a braided hairstyle, maybe a braided crown and she looks like a little princess in a red dress (or maybe other colours). Her father dote her by giving her kisses on forehead. Dad also dote me except that different fathers have different ways of expressing his love to daughters.

I know that I have not fulfill another Dad’s wish but I’ll try as recently mum ask the question again. Understand mum’s concern as last year she was diagnosed with stage 0 Breast cancer and now it’s under control. But we won’t know when she will have a relapse again. So I ask her a tough qn.

Mum, since you ask this topic again, what if I meet someone who has a child but his wife is not around due to illness or other reasons? Roughly know her answer as she is quite open to the topic. K1 feel that a family who has experienced the loss of loved ones, they are often the people who will treasure quality time spent with family, relatives and friends.

Good night 🙂


Fullerton Singapore

Dear Dad,

Last night was Co. D&D, K1 wore a colourful dress and won 1 night wkend stay at Fullerton hotel. 2nd time win Fullerton hotel stay at 2 different lucky draws in last yr and this yr. So long as it is not Raffles hotel again as K1 prefer Fullerton to Raffles.

K1 will book another room so that mum, papa, mama, K1, K2, N1 and N2 could tag along for wkend staycation. N1 and N2 are looking forward to hotel staycation especially after check-out, they ask when are they going for the next staycation? Thus, their parents said they are being pampered as they had the opportunity to stay at 5-star hotels (W Sentosa, Fullerton, Raffles and next year Fullerton again). Thank you good luck as K1 could only bring them along when K1 won a night hotel stay.

2 yrs in co. and 2 more wks before peak season is over, it’s not easy for the past few mths from no motivation to finding motivation and going to ofc cuz of responsibility. It’s challenging to handle 1 of the key agents which have many groups with complicated itineraries (in/out different city). It takes time to build rapport and good working relationship with them. Sometimes, K1 feel that K1 is working for agent and not co.

Last mth, K2 ask K1 for tentative itinerary. K1 overlook that day is short and night is long during winter, luckily K2 reminded K1. 1st time plan free and easy trip for winter so need to have backup plan in case of snow storm. Found out that most attractions closed on X’mas so change plan to go mountain to see Santa Claus and have an experience of winter activities.