Baby Yujia


K1 is reading Sunday Times… Baby Yujia & her mum appear on newspaper as part of ‘Raising hopes via crowdfunding’. Google baby Yujia facebook & found this link (, pls click the link for more info & help baby Yujia if possible. No matter how much the amount you donated, it’s the thought that counts…

Parents hope that their child will be born healthy but one can’t choose & need time to slowly accept that their child is born with rare illness. In the beginning, they might be thinking what they have done wrong & why is their child born with rare illness. However, this could be a challenge or an obstacle that they need to encounter & overcome. Encouragement & emotional support from family & friends are important so that they know they are not fighting alone. In addition, they become strong & resilient so as to look after their child as well as in search of treatment hoping that their child could recover.

Jia you baby Yujia & her family 🙂


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