Few mths later, there is Home Improvement Programme (HIP) – reno of toilets in selected blocks by HDB. Mum is thinking of reno kitchen as well & off we head to the fair @ Expo. At first, we are just going there to see the types of designs for kitchen until we walk into Image Creative Design (ICD) booth. His name is Z & he’s chatting with mum to find out more details of mum’s ideal kitchen design. K1 is looking at the newspaper cutting & awards that ICD put at the booth. Z is now mum’s interior designer & he tries his best to accommodate to mum’s request.

The Chinese word tattoo ‘禅’ caught K1 eye so K1 ask Z what’s the meaning. His reply is his name in Chinese. There are 3 occasions that Z don’t like – CNY, his bday & X’mas. Hopefully, Z will slowly start to enjoy CNY & X’mas as it’s a yearly festive season that family, relatives & friends catch up with each other.

K1 found another person who has few similarities (such as the drawings) with Dad & he is Z. Z tend to be a happy go lucky guy & he enjoys what he is doing (happy for him that his hard work being recognized by owners). We’re of same age but Z put his career first as he is a family man who is helping his mum to take care of family. Perhaps K1 grew up in an environment filled with warmth & happiness that lead K1 prefer to have work-life balance.

One cannot choose the environment that one grew up. However, one can choose to have the mindset to be happy everyday regardless of any bad or sad events that happen. Thank you for letting K1 to meet Z as K1 see Dad in Z 🙂


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