Taiwan (1 of my fave holidays)

Last year, K1 & K2 made a stopover at Taipei to meet up with mum, Ah Yi, Yi Zhang & Uncle D. K1 booked 包车 to explore 十分 / 九份 / 中社花海 / Taiwan Times Village / Sun Moon Lake / Strawberry picking / 新社古堡 / 東東芋圓.

Taichung bnb is within walking distance to Feng Jia night market. Bnb has 4 rooms with double bed in each room, 2 bathrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 living room and different designs of chandeliers in each room as well as in the living room.

Previous year, K1 also booked 包车 to explore Yilan and stayed Hello Kitty themed rooms at Yilan minsu. Taiwan is 1 of K1’s fave holidays & K1 had been travelling to Taiwan yearly but different cities since year 2014.

This year, mum worries for her health & K1 decides to bring her jalan jalan to cheer her up. Thinking where to go as Scoot having promo. Mum said before she wants to experience sit Biz class. Thankfully Scoot promo airfare allows us to fly economy to Taipei & biz class back from Kaohsiung. So happy it’s a good deal ($300++ per pax). Shopping at Taipei, sightsee at ???, yummy night market food at Kaohsiung. Will book 包车 to explore a new city, make a guess which city we’re going to in May. Clue: It’s 1 of the stations of High Speed Rail…


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