回家走走 ~ Sibu

Sibu is also 1 of the places K1 will try to go yearly if time permits to visit relatives (1 of Dad’s wishes for us to keep in contact with them).

People heard of Cebu, Philippines but seldom hear of Sibu, Sarawak so they thought K1 go to Cebu… Last year Sep, K1, mum, Mr & Mrs T took Air Asia direct flights from JB – Sibu. As usual, Macik always ask us to go Sibu during Hari Raya but this year Hari Raya, mum can’t take leave so dunno when we go. Time flies, nephews & nieces have grown taller, the youngest nephew (Han) is in Primary 1 this year. Han has a collection of cars & Ninja turtles.

Jie jie & kor kor brought us to Sarikei to try the yummy Foochow food such as prawns noodles in coconuts. They know K1 miss eating midin so there’re 2 plates of midin (stir-fry midin & Thai style midin). Yummy Thai style midin… They brought mum to 中华小学, the place that we found Uncle who knew our long-lost relatives.


Yummy Foochow food @ Sarikei & Sibu


@ Zhong Hua Xiao Xue / The Coffee Code



A Father’s love


Today, mama & I went to watch Cirque Du Soleil – Totem which is an acrobatic performance. There are applause and laughter from audience throughout performance. K2, K1 and friends are planning to watch another performance by Cirque Du Soleil (Toruk – The First Flight) if time permits.

During intermission of performance, I spot an adorable girl and her father (think so). She has a braided hairstyle, maybe a braided crown and she looks like a little princess in a red dress (or maybe other colours). Her father dote her by giving her kisses on forehead. Dad also dote me except that different fathers have different ways of expressing his love to daughters.

I know that I have not fulfill another Dad’s wish but I’ll try as recently mum ask the question again. Understand mum’s concern as last year she was diagnosed with stage 0 Breast cancer and now it’s under control. But we won’t know when she will have a relapse again. So I ask her a tough qn.

Mum, since you ask this topic again, what if I meet someone who has a child but his wife is not around due to illness or other reasons? Roughly know her answer as she is quite open to the topic. K1 feel that a family who has experienced the loss of loved ones, they are often the people who will treasure quality time spent with family, relatives and friends.

Good night 🙂

Jan – Apr 2015

Dad, I felt that you gave me good luck to win good prizes at lucky draw. The day before CNY hamper draw, I chose Eiffel Tower keychain in gold colour and the next day lucky no 6 won XO Brandy in fragile Eiffel Tower… During CNY lunch party draw, I won 1st prize – 1N stay at Raffles Hotel… Aunt LH said Goat Luck will follow together with Good Fortune and Good Health! 谢谢你!

Mid-Nov last year, Mum went for radiation therapy for 1 month at NCC and she got to know of the concert ‘Hope 50 – Together As One’ that is organised by S’pore Cancer Society. She requested for 14 tkts at the booth at NCC and I went online to request another 4 tkts. We went to watch the concert on 16 Jan at The Star Theatre. In addition, we got stickers for the closed door event (dinner buffet, games and activities such as face painting, Cartoon Caricature) before the concert.

Mum said she has not been to Penang for many years so we went to Penang in Jan. We flew by Jetstar and stayed 2N at Four Points by Sheraton Penang (private beach with plentiful of seashells) and 1N at G Hotel Gurney. Upon arrival at Penang, we meet my ex-colleague, Annie for lunch at Real Food Sonnentor, Straits Quay and explored Armenian Street Got Talent where I did Henna. 2nd day, we took bus 101 and went to Little Penang Street Market that is nearby E&O Hotel. We had late lunch at Passion Heart Nellcis at 83 Muntri St (nearby Camera Museum) and also ordered yummy CNY goodies such as pineapple tarts. We had late dinner at the hawker centre nearby Four Points by Sheraton Penang. 3rd day, we booked car rental with driver to bring us on a day tour around Penang to attractions such as Peranakan Museum, Penang Time Tunnel, Kek Lok Si and Penang Hill. While waiting for the delivery of pineapple tarts, we had Happy hour at Tree Bar, G Hotel. We had vegetarian meals at Idealite, Gurney Plaza and did our last minute shopping before our flights back home.

CNY is in Feb, a month of makan and gathering. You still remember my tall friend, HX? She got tickets to watch Chingay Parade so I went with her (hopefully can get tkts to watch NDP as this year is SG50, fingers crossed…) As usual, we always support Papa in the RC makan so we went for CNY makan and won lucky draw 4th prize – a bicycle that is a hint to us to keep fit haha… L1 and L2 gave us a surprise as both of them were back from LA for CNY gathering and we took photos as most of us were present. I had special order at dept CNY 素 lunch cum lohei @ Tung Lok, The Central.

Salad Day

V Day cum Reunion Dinner

CNY Day 2

Chingay 2015

K2 had 1 week term holiday in March thus we went to Sibu, Sarawak to visit relatives. We took Air Asia night flight to KL and stayed 1N at Tune Hotel klia2. The next morning, we walk to Klia2 for our flight to Sibu and had our breakfast (mee siam and nasi lemak) at the cafe, departure hall. Upon arrival at SBW airport, ‘wow’ is the word to describe as it is refurbish and air-condition (a mini version of KCH airport). Hopefully there will be direct flights from SIN – SBW… Our nephews and nieces have grown taller and K2 is only few years older than the oldest nephew and niece so he’s thinking if they call him ‘kor kor’ or ‘uncle’ haha… We also meet up with Macik Nona and her family, Macik Nona made yummy snacks… YE jie jie’s sister made yummy kueh lapis of different flavours and I almost eat all the kueh lapis. 1st and 2nd Aunt bought makan such as Kampua noodles, white and black pepper seeds, white pepper powder for us to bring back. 3rd day, we had local food such as Kampua mee, Kompia for breakfast before our flight to KL. Upon arrival at KL airport, we check-in our luggages for our flight back home and had late lunch @ The Gateway. Home sweet home…

Apt / Htl


Mr & Mrs Teow recommended us the makan @ Putian, Hougang so we went there again for K2 bday makan (yummy yam and spot K2 fave fish in the photo below). Staycation @ Raffles Hotel, I use the 1N lucky draw voucher and requested complimentary bday cake for Papa. Service very gd, there’s a butler who brought us to our Courtyard suite and also gave N1 and N2 a surprise – visor cap for the kids. We walk to Raffles City and had Korean dinner @ Bibigo. The next morning, we had A-la-carte and buffet breakfast and explored the hotel that has many antique Chinese vases and furnitures.

K2 bday makan

Korean cuisine

Raffles Hotel


A week of tears

12th May is Mother’s Day. On that day, Dad told us his wishes for Mum, K1 and K2. He’s of sound mind and his wish is to remove coop lope and stay in hospice. At night, Papa and Mama drop-by our house to cut Mother’s Day cake. After that, Mum and K1 went to chalet @ Aranda Country Club for awhile to cut another Mother’s Day cake with Papa, Mama, Xinmin ge ge & family. N1 and N2 are wearing the dinosaur pyjamas.

Mother's Day

14th May, Mum woke K1 @ 5am and both of us listened to Dad’s wishes such as K2 to give thank you speech when Dad’s not around. After breakfast, we meet Aunt LH @ Clinic D, NCC. Dr Tang was on leave so Dr Choo helped to arrange Dad’s admission into SGH. Dad was dehydrated and was given iv drip to replenish the fluids in his body. In addition, Dad wants to remove the coop lope as there’s leakage from coop lope. While Dad is waiting for the ward @ NCC, we go Kopitam to eat lunch. After lunch, we buy mashed potatoes and hot chocolate drink for Dad. K2 stay to accompany Dad @ NCC while Mum, Aunt LH & K1 go to Chinatown Point & China Square Central. We buy seaweed paste, water chestnut drink, egg mayo and tuna sandwiches/wraps, assorted fruits and brown rice porridge. At about 6+pm, the ward is ready so Mum and nurse accompany Dad to the ward from NCC to SGH by ambulance. Mr & Mrs Teow, K1 & K2 meet Dad & Mum at the ward after register Dad’s admission. We leave SGH at about 8pm and head to Tiong Bahru hawker centre for our dinner cum supper.

15th – 16th May, relatives took turns to visit Dad at SGH. Thank you very much for their care and concern 🙂

17th May, K1 & K2 go to SGH to bring Dad home. In the evening, Aunt H drop-by our house and we eat bee hoon, mee goreng and yi mian. There are jelly with soursop dessert, pandan cake and tiramisu.

Why is Dad suddenly telling us his wishes? At first, we are upset and do not support Dad’s decision to stay in hospice. After much consideration, we decide to go along with Dad’s wish to stay in hospice. Dad does not want to trouble us to look after him as we might not be able to cope to care for him when he feels frail.

Driving Instructors

K1 and K2 passed the Basic and Final Theory tests for driving in Aug 2012 and Nov 2012 respectively. When Dad was hospitalised in Dec 2012, Dad told Uncle P that 1 of his wishes is both K1 and K2 could pass the Practical driving test. Both K1 and K2 started the Practical driving lessons under the guidance of a private instructor, Uncle J. Every lesson, both of us have to be mentally prepared to be scolded by Uncle J for our mistakes in driving the Manual car.

Uncle P’s advice to K1 is to learn Practical driving (Manual) from school as the lessons are conducted module by module and school learners have more opportunity to practise driving in the circuit before proceed to learn to drive on the roads. After few lessons learning to drive under Uncle J, K1 went to CDC @ Ubi to change account from private learner to school learner. K1 wanted to change to learn Practical driving (Auto) but the staff (Mr Chang) at counter persuaded K1 to try few lessons of Practical driving (Manual) with school instructors. If after few lessons, K1 still encounters the problem of engine stall and restart engine, then K1 could consider to change to Practical driving (Auto). Mr Chang also suggests to have a 1 team instructor for few lessons before the Practical driving test.

This week, K1 had 2 lessons taught by different instructors (1 of them works full-time while the other instructor is on flexible working hours scheme). K1 encounters the problem of engine stall and restart engine, the school instructors encourage K1 not to give up and that practice makes perfect. K1 is looking forward to next week lessons 🙂

K2 is considering to either learn driving from another private instructor or school instructor. The lesson fees of private instructor are half the price of the lesson fees of school instructor. Private learners pay cheaper lesson fees but they need to pay the hourly fee to enter circuit at school.

Jia you to Practical driving (Manual)…