Taiwan (1 of my fave holidays)

Last year, K1 & K2 made a stopover at Taipei to meet up with mum, Ah Yi, Yi Zhang & Uncle D. K1 booked 包车 to explore 十分 / 九份 / 中社花海 / Taiwan Times Village / Sun Moon Lake / Strawberry picking / 新社古堡 / 東東芋圓.

Taichung bnb is within walking distance to Feng Jia night market. Bnb has 4 rooms with double bed in each room, 2 bathrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 living room and different designs of chandeliers in each room as well as in the living room.

Previous year, K1 also booked 包车 to explore Yilan and stayed Hello Kitty themed rooms at Yilan minsu. Taiwan is 1 of K1’s fave holidays & K1 had been travelling to Taiwan yearly but different cities since year 2014.

This year, mum worries for her health & K1 decides to bring her jalan jalan to cheer her up. Thinking where to go as Scoot having promo. Mum said before she wants to experience sit Biz class. Thankfully Scoot promo airfare allows us to fly economy to Taipei & biz class back from Kaohsiung. So happy it’s a good deal ($300++ per pax). Shopping at Taipei, sightsee at ???, yummy night market food at Kaohsiung. Will book 包车 to explore a new city, make a guess which city we’re going to in May. Clue: It’s 1 of the stations of High Speed Rail…


3D2N Toronto

It’s New Year Day… We woke up early morning to catch Air Canada flights from Quebec city – Toronto (transit @ Ottawa). The taxis from Quebec city – airport run on fixed rates & not by taxi meter. It’s too early in the morning, K1 is not hungry yet so share a cup of hot choco with K2. Rjjj, moon jie & K2 had their b’fast at Tim Hortons, Quebec city airport while K1 had b’fast at Tim Hortons, Ottawa airport.

Toronto’s bnb is located about 5 minutes walk from the Bloor subway line (Dufferin Station). We stayed at 1st & basement level of bnb while the host & family stayed at 2nd level of bnb. There are kitchen, sofa bed in living room, backyard at 1st level while a bedroom, a bathroom, washing machine & dryer at basement level. Bnb host makes us feel at home especially with K1 name besides door bell as well as she bought a choco cake for us to eat (Thank you…). K2 likes this bnb very much as there is a wide variety of shows such as Apple TV, Netflix, sports channels etc.


View from hall & kitchen @ Toronto bnb

The next day, Rjjj & moon jie went shopping while K1 & K2 went to Casa Loma & Royal Ontario Museum (ROM). The staff at Dufferin station recommended us to buy a family day pass as it’s cheaper than 1 way metro fare.

It’s free at leisure till midnight flight departure so we had 3 course lunch at 360 Rest, CN Tower as well as a view of Toronto from CN Tower. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience & we are full after our lunch except for K2 who did not find his lunch filling. After that, K1 & K2 went window shopping & K2 asked K1 if there is anything K1 want to buy. K1 concern that baggage allowance might exceed if K1 buy more stuff cuz K2 already bought many stuff such as help his friends & K1 to buy Abercrombie clothes.


3 course lunch @ 360 Rest, CN Tower

3D2N Old Quebec

K2 book transfer at Uber app and off we head to Gare d’autocars de Montreal for Orleans Express coach to Quebec city. Upon arrival at Québec (Centre-ville) also known as Terminus d’autobus de La Gare Du Palais, K2 look for a taxi that could fetch 4 of us & our 8 luggages to Chateau Bellevue.

Chateau Bellevue is located in Old Quebec and walking distance to Fairmont Le Château Frontenac. The rooms are not ready so we had brunch at L’omelette Rest. K1 & K2 had about 2 hrs sleep the night before as we were busy packing the items that K2 brought & bought the past few mths back to home country. Hotel rooms are small but enough space for us to put 3 luggages & 5 luggages. K1 & K2 slept in afternoon & woke up at night for dinner cum supper.


Decor in room & outside view from room @ Chateau Bellevue

We spent NYE exploring Old Quebec, K1 felt like K1 is back in Europe. After brunch at Le Petit Chateau, K1 & K2 had fun at Toboggan ride. Rjjj & moon jie explore Lower Town by walking down the stairs and taking Funicular to Upper Town. K1 & K2 went shopping at Upper Town & a stroll to outside the Old City. After shopping, K1 & K2 went to Tim Hortons for hot Choco / Mocha & muffin before walking to Fortifications of Quebec National Historic Site for a view of Quebec city. K2 ask if want to take bus to see Montmorency Falls but his mobile low battery (K1 & K2 did not go as might lost our way if battery is flat). On our way back to hotel, we walk past an outdoor ice skating rink & a shop that sells many designs of Ty kitty (Reindeer kitty caught my eye but did not buy).


Brunch @ L’omelette Rest & Le Petit Chateau

4D3N Montreal

It’s snowing & raining… K2 book transfer at Uber app & off we head to Ottawa Central station for Greyhound coach to Montreal. Upon arrival at Gare d’autocars de Montreal, we took cab to K2 bnb as we were travelling with luggages & cab is a convenient option (there are stairs from bus station – metro). K1 book the bnb nearby bus station but the host cancel reservation because host need the bnb to look after dad who is diagnosed with ‘Charlie’. Luckily, K2 friends are leaving their bnb earlier so we stay at K2 bnb.

The bnb that K2 stay in Montreal for 4-5 mths, is about 10 mins walk to metro Lionel-Groulx. The living room & kitchen at 1st level while 2 rooms (1 double bed in 1st room, 2 double beds & baby cot in 2nd room) and bathroom at 2nd level. K2 say everywhere we go is about 30 mins ride by metro.

Day 1, K2 recommend to buy 3 days metro pass as we will be going to many places by metro. After 素 lunch buffet @ Yuan Vege, we went to interactive see saw @ Place Des Festivals (musical see saw with lights). K2 ask if we’re interested to watch Comedy Nest (CN) as need to understand the jokes and enjoy the show. Laughter is heard throughout the show & the nearest metro to walk to CN is Atwater.

Day 2, woke up to snow and feel like eating a hot bowl of noodles soup. So we had Korean instant noodles soup with brussels sprouts, mushrooms and seaweed (bought the vege on day 1 at supermarket). It’s quite hard to find Orangina in home country so K2 bought a 1.75L bottle of Orangina when K2 saw it at supermarket – yummy Orangina 🙂


B’fast – hot noodles soup. View from hall & kitchen. 

We went to Underground City and found out that it is connected to Montreal Central train station, hotels such as Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth, shopping malls such as Le Centre Eaton. K1 bought a tote bag with seashells design in yellow & white colours at Bentley. K1 also bought another 2 Ty kitty ~ Mermaid & Cotton candy. In Nov 2014, K1 was delighted to see different designs of Ty kitty at Podgorica airport but did not buy as might exceed luggage allowance. K1 was happy to see Ty kitty at X’mas mkt, Vienna & bought 1 X’mas kitty (Ty beanie baby). There are Ty soft toys in home country but have not seen any Ty kitty.

After shopping, it’s time to head to Bell Centre to watch Toruk – The First Flight. The staff at Bell Centre very strict, K2 had to throw away the burger set meal that he bought during the security check. Felt bad that Rjjj & Moon jie didn’t watch the show as they cannot throw away the makan stuff such as maple syrup candies & cookies that they bought for family & friends. The soundtracks are nice to listen & one will enjoy watching the performance if one has watch before 1 of the performances by Cirque du Soleil.

Day 3 (the day we spent most of our time walking on snow), we did not climb Mont Royal as it’s very cold. We had snowball fight & saw a family building snowman on our way from bnb – metro station. K2 brought us to Chinatown & K1 saw someone familiar outside a bakery but did not ask if know each other as it’s cold & we’re hungry. We went into a cafe & order Tom yum noodles soup. The weather is bad with fog so the staff don’t allow us to walk further into Old Port. We detour to a cafe for a cup of hot chocolate & the cafe is having a promo for maple cream cookies (2 boxes for the price of 1 box). After our dinner of Poutine & Omelette, we head to watch Star Wars movie. K2 was telling K1 that he likes the cinemas in Montreal as the seats can recline, the seats are more comfortable etc.


Lunch – Tom yum noodles soup. Poutine & Omelette for dinner. 

Dad, felt that there is a guardian angel & family (they’re curious to know the next city for our trip & the modes of transport from point A to point B). They might also be wondering if K2 is K1 bf or brother. The guardian angel & family might be the same group of people onboard KLM flight from AMS – SIN one 1/2 yrs ago. K1 would feel unwell whenever there is turbulence & take out a small bottle of medical oil (tend to sleep as might feel abit better & also try to eat and drink abit when the meals are served). To guardian angel & family, thank you for care & concern… No plans to travel overseas this yr except for impromptu trips…


3D2N Ottawa


We do not have experience driving in the snow although it is cheaper to rent a car and drive to Ottawa. The cab ride from Mont Tremblant – Ottawa is the most expensive cab ride throughout our trip. Cab driver is not familiar with the route, luckily K2 has Montreal mobile no and able to access google map for driving directions to Airbnb in Ottawa. Most shops are closed on X’mas Day so we bought pizza & Canada Dry Ginger Ale for dinner.

1st time book Airbnb so read the reviews and to book Superhost bnb if possible. In addition, to book bnb that is near bus stop or metro so that can take bus or metro to Downtown of each city.

Ottawa’s bnb is located in Little Italy / Chinatown area & there is a bakery opposite bnb. We stayed at 1st & basement level of bnb. There are kitchen, living room, bedroom & 1 bathroom at 1st level while another bedroom, 0.5 bathroom, washing machine & dryer at basement level. K2 said we are lucky that the bnb has 1.5 bathrooms & Netflix as the bnb that he is staying in Montreal has 1 bathroom & without Netflix.

K2 ask why we visit Ottawa as he feels that there is nothing much to see & do. K1 feel that Ottawa is the capital of Canada & to visit Ottawa since it is nearby the other cities that we are going. The next day morning, we walk to Parliament Hill from bnb (K2 lead the way using google map). Parliament Hill is nearby Fairmont Chateau Laurier, CF Rideau Centre & Byward Market. There is Boxing Day sale and we did our shopping at CF Rideau Centre. It’s K1 2nd time buying Kate Spade (KS) & there is discount for colourful polka dot wristlet. 1st time buy KS is when K2 app the photos to ask K1 if interested to buy any bag as there is online promo (K1 ask K2 to help buy a striped bag that turns out to be a baby bag, family joke that K1 is preparing to use the bag in future. At the moment, K1 plan to use the bag for staycation.)

It’s evening so we walk to Parliament Hill to see X’mas sound & lights show that people of all ages enjoy watching. After that, we took bus back to bnb and ate the Choco Hazelnut & Apple Cinnamon Beavertails that we bought.

Sweet Dreams 🙂


4D3N Niagara Falls & Mont Tremblant


K1 and K2 miss Canada as we had our once-in-a-lifetime cum 1st time experience such as walking on snow & play snowball, went to Niagara Falls, K2 learnt skiing at Mont Tremblant, see X’mas lights at Parliament Hill in Ottawa, sat interactive see saw @ Place Des Festivals in Montreal as well as Toboggan ride at Old Quebec, spent few hours explore ROM & had 3 course lunch at 360 Rest, CN Tower in Toronto.

冬至 (the day we eat 湯圓), RJjj, moon jie & K1 embark our journey onboard Eva Air flights to Toronto (transit at Taipei). Almost a day of travelling, we arrived at Htl Sheraton on the Falls by Niagara Airbus. There’s an electric fireplace in htl room & htl is within walking distance to Clifton Hill & Niagara Falls. In addition, we enquire the nearest bus stop for Wego bus to go to Canada One Factory Outlets & htl gave us a 48 hours Wego bus card per pax. We had Chinese lunch at New York Rest, big portions of food that taste salty. Waited for 9pm to see Niagara Falls fireworks from htl room, K1 like fireworks.

X’mas Eve, we took Niagara Airbus to Toronto airport for Air Canada flight to Mont Tremblant. Another option is Porter Airlines but we choose Air Canada due cheaper fares & earlier flight time so that can check-in, eat lunch and see Santa Claus. Upon arrival at Mont Tremblant airport, we took shuttle service to Htl Place St Bernard. K2 took Galland coach from Montreal & arrived Mont Tremblant in the morning. Htl allowed K2 to check-in early & K2 went to learn skiing. Due to changes in travel plans a mth before departure date, most Airbnbs fully booked & limited hotels available. Thus, K1 made booking at Htl Place St Bernard htl room that is small but htl is located along the Pedestrian village that has cafes, restaurants, shops and Activity Centre. K2 suggest that we sit on the bench to eat yogurt in the cold weather. Our meals consist of crepes, noodles, Pad Thai, pizzas, Western cuisine such as Fish & Chips and vege spaghetti.

Good night 🙂



Jan – Apr 2015

Dad, I felt that you gave me good luck to win good prizes at lucky draw. The day before CNY hamper draw, I chose Eiffel Tower keychain in gold colour and the next day lucky no 6 won XO Brandy in fragile Eiffel Tower… During CNY lunch party draw, I won 1st prize – 1N stay at Raffles Hotel… Aunt LH said Goat Luck will follow together with Good Fortune and Good Health! 谢谢你!

Mid-Nov last year, Mum went for radiation therapy for 1 month at NCC and she got to know of the concert ‘Hope 50 – Together As One’ that is organised by S’pore Cancer Society. She requested for 14 tkts at the booth at NCC and I went online to request another 4 tkts. We went to watch the concert on 16 Jan at The Star Theatre. In addition, we got stickers for the closed door event (dinner buffet, games and activities such as face painting, Cartoon Caricature) before the concert.

Mum said she has not been to Penang for many years so we went to Penang in Jan. We flew by Jetstar and stayed 2N at Four Points by Sheraton Penang (private beach with plentiful of seashells) and 1N at G Hotel Gurney. Upon arrival at Penang, we meet my ex-colleague, Annie for lunch at Real Food Sonnentor, Straits Quay and explored Armenian Street Got Talent where I did Henna. 2nd day, we took bus 101 and went to Little Penang Street Market that is nearby E&O Hotel. We had late lunch at Passion Heart Nellcis at 83 Muntri St (nearby Camera Museum) and also ordered yummy CNY goodies such as pineapple tarts. We had late dinner at the hawker centre nearby Four Points by Sheraton Penang. 3rd day, we booked car rental with driver to bring us on a day tour around Penang to attractions such as Peranakan Museum, Penang Time Tunnel, Kek Lok Si and Penang Hill. While waiting for the delivery of pineapple tarts, we had Happy hour at Tree Bar, G Hotel. We had vegetarian meals at Idealite, Gurney Plaza and did our last minute shopping before our flights back home.

CNY is in Feb, a month of makan and gathering. You still remember my tall friend, HX? She got tickets to watch Chingay Parade so I went with her (hopefully can get tkts to watch NDP as this year is SG50, fingers crossed…) As usual, we always support Papa in the RC makan so we went for CNY makan and won lucky draw 4th prize – a bicycle that is a hint to us to keep fit haha… L1 and L2 gave us a surprise as both of them were back from LA for CNY gathering and we took photos as most of us were present. I had special order at dept CNY 素 lunch cum lohei @ Tung Lok, The Central.

Salad Day

V Day cum Reunion Dinner

CNY Day 2

Chingay 2015

K2 had 1 week term holiday in March thus we went to Sibu, Sarawak to visit relatives. We took Air Asia night flight to KL and stayed 1N at Tune Hotel klia2. The next morning, we walk to Klia2 for our flight to Sibu and had our breakfast (mee siam and nasi lemak) at the cafe, departure hall. Upon arrival at SBW airport, ‘wow’ is the word to describe as it is refurbish and air-condition (a mini version of KCH airport). Hopefully there will be direct flights from SIN – SBW… Our nephews and nieces have grown taller and K2 is only few years older than the oldest nephew and niece so he’s thinking if they call him ‘kor kor’ or ‘uncle’ haha… We also meet up with Macik Nona and her family, Macik Nona made yummy snacks… YE jie jie’s sister made yummy kueh lapis of different flavours and I almost eat all the kueh lapis. 1st and 2nd Aunt bought makan such as Kampua noodles, white and black pepper seeds, white pepper powder for us to bring back. 3rd day, we had local food such as Kampua mee, Kompia for breakfast before our flight to KL. Upon arrival at KL airport, we check-in our luggages for our flight back home and had late lunch @ The Gateway. Home sweet home…

Apt / Htl


Mr & Mrs Teow recommended us the makan @ Putian, Hougang so we went there again for K2 bday makan (yummy yam and spot K2 fave fish in the photo below). Staycation @ Raffles Hotel, I use the 1N lucky draw voucher and requested complimentary bday cake for Papa. Service very gd, there’s a butler who brought us to our Courtyard suite and also gave N1 and N2 a surprise – visor cap for the kids. We walk to Raffles City and had Korean dinner @ Bibigo. The next morning, we had A-la-carte and buffet breakfast and explored the hotel that has many antique Chinese vases and furnitures.

K2 bday makan

Korean cuisine

Raffles Hotel